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Mother Owl Necklace

  • $320

Make Everyone Smile

Mother owl necklaces are the perfect gift for her. They are designed for both women and young girls, also can be unique gifts for best friends moms, new moms and mommy to be. 100% sure they will smile. Comes with optional diamond add on owl’s eye to welcomes good luck


  • Made of entirely solid 14K gold
  • Owl charm has an elegant satin finish with no glare
  • For ladies and young girls
  • Charm Size : approx. 3/8” hight
  • Optional Diamond : Wink with 1 diamond 0.005 Ct, 2 diamonds in both eyes 0.01 Ct 
  • The delicate diamond-cut cable chain shines brightly on your bare skin. There are two choices based on chain strength
  • Original Chain  0.8 mm Wide     
    Using over 10 years, It is beautiful, delicate and suited to wear when you dress up or go out
  • Durable Chain 1mm Wide       
    It looks almost the same as the original chain but  you can wear it all day long without worrying about damaging the chain. 0.2mm thicker than the original chain


Owls Symbolize

Wisdom and Good Judgment. Like owls, known for their Sharp Vision and Observations, You also Have Insight and Intuition when they appear. The Meaning of Owls is also related to Change and Transition.

Owl jewelry is one of the most popular items of Miniature Animal Jewelry Collection of AF HOUSE. The perfect gifts for her Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines day, Christmas, and for yourself as an amulet.


  • 精緻的設計,對細節的關注無可挑剔。 Akiko Fuchigami 的作品質量上乘,任何鑑賞家都會喜歡。我有小貓頭鷹。他們很可愛,會在重要場合陪伴我。


  • 找了好幾年,終於找到了,直接要了。儘管他們很忙,但他們很友善地幫助我們。這件物品很精緻,非常可愛。很高興見到你。另外,夢見自己要為自己索取獎賞。


  • 第一次訪問網上商店後,我就愛上了那些讓人一看就會開心的微型動物。但這不僅是積極的情感,也是一種態度 - 對大自然及其所有居民的欣賞 - 您可以在這款精美珠寶中看到。 個人說明:親愛的 Akiko,非常感謝您的支持和出色的溝通——您是一位傑出的藝術家,也是一個非常善良的人。我來紐約市的時候,我希望我們能夠親自見面。來自歐洲的最誠摯問候(毫無疑問,我將成為終生客戶 :-)。


  • 我收到了一個非常好的產品! 它比我想像的更可愛,我真的很高興。我會小心使用它。 非常感謝您這次的盛情支持!


  • 我已經從 AF House 購買了 3 次。第一個來自上西區 (A.Tempo) 的一家商店,該商店出售她的珠寶。我和我的朋友迷上了貓頭鷹項鍊。然後我們找到了她的網站,我直接從她那裡訂購了兩次。從包裝到客戶服務,再到珠寶質量,一切都無可挑剔。這些項鍊非常適合疊戴,我收到了很多關於它們的讚美。珠寶很漂亮,獨一無二,我喜歡支持一位才華橫溢的設計師以及如此出色的客戶服務!