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0.2 mm Fine Details Are Made Of

0.2 mm Fine Details Are Made Of

I started to use a laser-cut technique in 2007. This enabled precisely cutting 0.2 mm lines on a tiny 6 mm surface from a smooth and flat gold sheet. I thought this was perfect to express a small animal’s facial expression. Simultaneously this made the unique jewelry since the majority of jewelry is still made by casting the metal, which is unable to be such particular about tiny details and flat smooth surface that I care.

What made this approach to my jewelry; small, precise, flat, cute, using new technology, met what Japanese were recognized for. It was not preplanned but Japanese cartoons, Kimono patterns, and Minimalistic architecture are all flat with detailed surface expression. It came from my undeniable Japanese genes.

--- February 2009 

-- Akiko Fucci, Designer of AF HOUSE