AF HOUSE started with a one ring that Akiko spent six months carving its wax. This process was both a meditation and a prayer to see the unconscious possibilities of being a jewelry designer. From that moment, Akiko thought that the soul of metal, which was made with willpower, had willpower. She therefore wish her jewelry to act as a talisman for the wearer.
However Akiko is not intending to make conventional amulets. She have always want to convey the excitement of modern fashion. It has to be tasteful and possesses a style. Therefore jewelry of AF HOUSE is called "Modern charm with taste and style”.
Now AF HOUSE makes jewelry in only highly recyclable solid gold and silver to aim creating the non-consumption fashion goods. This is her further will to infuse in jewelry. Her design is inspired primarily from technological advancement and cultural movement. Above all, her Japanese soul is speaking for unadorned elegance.