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About Designer

AF HOUSE is designed solely by Akiko Fucci.

Having started her career in the public relations department of Issey Miyake International Inc, Akiko handled launching a brand, Tsumori Chisato in Tokyo. Akiko departed Tokyo for London and Paris. Later she moved to New York.

In 2000 Akiko was blessed with an opportunity to meet jewelry master, Chie Teratani and immediately knew jewelry design was her calling. Inspirations came to her in abundance, and as a result, AF HOUSE was conceived organically.ย 

Akiko considers herself as a minimalist. This describes not only her work concept but also her attitude toward lifestyles in general. In her childhood in Japan, her parents taught her the beauty of humility and that beauty comes from a place of austerity and refinement. To live simply while pursuing growth is her challenge to living a big city lifestyle. She is a natural and resilient woman with polished unadorned elegance.

Akiko invites her sophisticated clients to be inspired by, and to inspire AF HOUSE.

She Loves animals as she cares of the earth, praying for peace for all creatures on earth to be kept.