EST. 2004

  • 0.2 mm Fine Details Are Made Of

    I started to use a laser-cut technique in 2007. This enabled precisely cutting 0.2 mm lines on a tiny 6 mm surface from a smooth and flat gold sheet. I thought this was perfect to express a small animal’s facial expression. Simultaneously this made the unique jewelry since the majority of jewelry...
  • Basically AF HOUSE Is

    Fundamentally I am a conceptual minimalist. This collection is ultimately a representation of who I amΒ --- September 2002 --- Akiko Fucci, Designer of AF HOUSEΒ  Β 
  • What AF HOUSE Started With

    AF HOUSE began with the MANTIS ring. I spent six months carving wax, praying to one day become a true designer. The Mantis was conceived in my fantasies, where I imagine myself to be a girl living in the depths of the forest. Like this girl, I have magical powers to change every object of nature ...