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Alligator Ring

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Make Wish In The Alligator's Eye With Diamond

Alligator Ring of AF HOUSE strikes a balance between amulet role and minimalist fashion. While enjoy its cute but clean look, achieve your goals with a wish in the animal' eyes with a diamond! This alligator ring becomes the perfect "promise ring for myself" or "promise ring for her". See other animal rings such as cat, horse and more

  • Made of solid 14K yellow gold
  • Alligator charm (7/16” wide)
  • Optional diamond (0.005 Ct) Eye
  • Non-glare elegant satin surface finish on the Alligator charm
  • Slightly hammered wire band

Alligators Symbolize

Alligators stand for magic, courage, and immortality. As a spirit animal, Alligators show you how to protect your loved ones while maintaining an aggressive attitude. Alligator is a Florida mascot animal