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Alligator Stud Earrings

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Be With Alligator

Simple and elegant animated Alligator Stud Earrings are precisely cut to express the baby alligator’s living joy. These make smiles on the faces of animal lovers, minimalists and women of all ages

  • Made of solid 14K yellow gold
  • Optional diamond (0.01 Ct) Eye
  • Small baby Alligator charm (1/2” wide)
  • Non-glare elegant satin surface finish on the Alligator charm
  • Thin earring posts that are gentle on her small pierced holes

Alligators Symbolize

Alligators stand for magic, courage, and immortality. As a spirit animal, Alligators show you how to protect your loved ones while maintaining an aggressive attitude. Alligator is a Florida mascot animal