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Necklace Chain - Solid 14KY Gold

  • $140.00
These are Chain necklace only, or Chain Itself only purchases list. There is no charm comes with.
  • The top is our original chain that we have been used for over 10 years. It is  beautifully delicate
  • The middle chain is about 0.2 mm thicker, and the same to the above, it is a shiny diamond cut chain. Appearances is not so different from the original chain, but the middle chain can be worn all day with little risk of damage
  • The last strong & dense chain is a low gloss chain that blends into the skin. Despite being thin, it is very strong
  • 一番上が過去10年以上使用しております通常のチェーンです。美しく繊細です。
  • 中間のチェーンは太さが0.2 mm ほど太くなります。上と同様輝きのあるダイヤモンド カット・チェーンです。見た目はあまり変わりありませんが、こちらのチェーンですと終日装着していても損傷の心配はほとんどありません。
  • 最後の強くて密度の高いチェーンは、肌に溶け込むような、控えめな光沢のチェーンです。細いにもかかわらず、非常に強度が高いです。

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  • Exquisite design with impeccable attention to detail. Akiko Fuchigami's work is of the highest quality and will delight any connoisseur. I have the small owls. They are lovely and keep me company on important occasions.

    Kyoko Kitamura

  • 数年前から探していてやっとこ見つけ出し直接お願いをしました。お忙しいにも関わらずご親切に対応して頂きました。お品はそれはそれは繊細でとてもキュートでした。巡り会えて良かったです。また自分へのご褒美にお願いしたいと夢見ています。

    Naho Sato

  • After first visiting the online shop I fell in love with the miniature animals that make you happy by first glance. But it's not only the positive emotion, it's also the attitude - the appreciation of nature and all its inhabitants - that you can see in this fine jewelry. One personal note: Dear Akiko, thank you so much for your support and the excellent communication - you're an outstanding artist and an extremely kind person. The time I will come to New York City I hope we'll be able to meet in person. Best regards from Europe (without any doubt I'm going to be lifetime customer :-).

    Martina Weiss

  • とっても素敵なお品が届きました! 想像以上の可愛さで、本当に大満足です。大切に使わせていただきますね。 この度は丁寧に対応していただきまして、本当にありがとうございました!

    Aoki Yumie

  • I have purchased 3 times from AF House. The first was from a store on the Upper West Side (A.Tempo) which sold her jewelry. My friend and I became obsessed with the owl necklace. We then found her website and I have ordered twice from her directly. Everything from the packaging, to the customer service, to the quality of the jewelry has been impeccable. The necklaces are great to layer, and I have received many compliments on all of them. The jewelry is beautiful, unique, and I love supporting a designer with such talent as well as such amazing customer service!

    Jennifer Venetos