Owl Necklace

  • $290.00

Dainty Minimal Owl Necklace

Known as an animal jewelry designer, Akiko portrays owls as elegant yet mischievous creatures, staying in silence with the silhouette in the gathering dusk. The perfect necklace for girlfriend, family member and yourself as an amulet
  • Made of entirely solid 14K gold
  • Owl charm has an elegant satin finish with no glare
  • Comes with optional diamond add ons. Wink with a diamond on one eye welcomes good luck. Placing two diamonds on both eyes elevates the magical power of fine jewelry
  • The delicate diamond-cut cable chain shines brightly on your bare skin and hangs the little owl in perfect balance
  • Both mother and baby owl charms are designed for women and her daughters
  • Charm Size : Mother owl approx. 3/8” hight, Baby owl approx. 5/16” hight
  • Optional Diamond : Wink with 1 diamond 0.005 Ct, 2 diamonds in both eyes 0.01 Ct 

Owl jewelry is one of the most popular items of Miniature Animal Jewelry Collection of AF HOUSE. The perfect gifts for her Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines day, Christmas, and for yourself as an amulet.

Owls Symbolize

Wisdom and Good Judgment. Like owls, known for their Sharp Vision and Observations, You also Have Insight and Intuition when they appear. The Meaning of Owls is also related to Change and Transition.